Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Saturday, April 23, 2011

i am forgot

sumtimes..i forgt that..

i still have a friends to listen

i still have sumone to love

i still have a hands to hold on to

i still have a shoulder to makes me calm


i still have a reason to stand

Sunday, April 17, 2011

jar of hearts..

i know i cant take one more step towards you.. couse all that waiting is regrets. and don't you know i'm not ur ghost anymore.. you lost the loved i love the most. i learned to live half alive.. and now you want me one more time. and who do you think you are.. running round leaving scars. collecting your jar of hearts. and tearing love apart. you're gonna catch a cold. from the ice inside your soul. so don't come back for me. who do you think you are.. i hear you're asking all around.. if i am anywhere to be found. but i have grown too strong. to ever fall back in your arms.. and it took so long just to feel alright.. remember how to put back the light in my eyes. i wish i had missed the first time that we kissed.. cause you broke all your promises. and now you're back. you don't get to get me back..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

conflict inside me..

last nite i can't sleep..seriously.thinking what the hell is happening here..i mean inside me.keep tinking what i've done.but thank God i've sumone to talk to..which is i called her FRIEND.and nie la gunanya ade blog kn.tmpat meluahkan segala yg terpendam..see,i'm not trying to menggatal with anybody oke my dear bf.i just talking to myself since u have no time to talk to me.and i dun think that you wanna talk to me..btw,i dun mind.i'm tired..seriously!

i'm just thinking..perit dan menyakitkan klu kt je yg kene mngalah.tapi sesungguhnya,xde cara lain selain dari mengalah,dikalahkan dan terpaksa kalah!

well,thats life.hve to be strong enough..i keep trying to make everybody happy.tapi smpai bila nak keep trying whn other ppl dun even care about me!dun even care that its HURT me..

i know i hve to solve this problem myself.its all my fault..coz i juz let you CONTROL myself.control my everything.. (no need to mention here)

penat la bila terpaksa berkorban..and sgt2 penat bila pengorbanan xdihargai.x mintak barang branded2,mahal2..x mintak suruh byarkn kete..x mintak suruh beli kn rumah..x mintak duit ribu riban.x mintak dilayan 24jam..tapi cuma nak dihargai and dihormati sebagai seorang PEREMPUAN..

seriously..kesian myself.kesian hati nie jugak.i know i'm a gud girl..last time.and trying to be as gud as possible now.perlu ke berubah klu hakikatnya this is me..terima atau tidak its up to u.i'm not asking u or begging u!

btw,TUHAN tu Maha Adil..ape yg da lepas bia lepas.it doesn't mean i'm stuck with tht and thers no way out if things had to turn out that terrible..

like someone said to me,think about gud side of me and let it keep me going on..now,its up to me to EARN some respect not ASKING for it!and i juz need to start standing on my own feet and show to him that i want to earn that respect to hold on our relationshp and in the same time thighten the string thats holding on to both of our hearts..

hell yeah..now the pipe is on and i will let it flow out


friends of mine

they are part of my life..i am nothing without them :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cheryl Cole - Parachute

enough?try harder..

ouh yes..

i love you this much only bcoz today you make me a bit upset!

try a bit harder and i will love you more..

boleh eh cmni

i wish.. :)

got to go

i'm currently listen to this song..nice one :)

talking to myself

today i'm not in a gud mood.dunno why..but suddnly rase cm nak tulis sumthing. kenapa lelaki suka nak perli2.ok..talking to myself.mcm tibe2 sakit ati plk..ckp jew mesti nak perli2 bagai.i knw i'm not perfect..but you are not perfect also rite.nobody's perfect!klu rase diri tu sempurna,cari la perempuan yg sempurna..btw,i know i'm not a gud girl.xbermaksud nak salahkan sesiape.tp mesti ke nak perli pasal perihal lame.padahal now nothing kowt.it's just me and you!

da terang lagi bersuluh..i am with you.only you..tu la kn,org ckp bila couple lme sgt jd busan..big NO here!xpernah rase busan walau sedetik pun.seriously makin happy..tapi klu bergado,hell yes!rase cm nak walk off jew..but dalam perhubungan mane ade yg baek je kn.itu baru BUSAN!cuma kadang xfaham kenapa mesti nak perli2.sarah xpenah nak perli2.tau kowt menyakitkn ati.even klu nak gali cite lama,awk punya lubang lagi besar kowt.cuma mls je..for what!i know who you are..and i love you bcoz it's you!i'm not asking you to treat me like a queen.just respect me..for who i am :)


duduk sorg2 tibe2 rase rindu nak mcm dulu.mcm dulu tu mcmana??hm,lepak with my friends..hangout here and there mcm x ade arah tujuan.tp memg pegi mane2 xpenah ade tujuan pun.klu klua dgn my bf only ade tujuan.coz die xkn bwk jalan x tntu arah.klu nak g ikea,ikea je la..xpyh la nak berangan nak g mid valley la,nak singgah sunway piramid,nak lpak kat klcc ke??memang xkn dpt der..unless nak g tgok wyg tp xde cite yg die nak kat tmpat tuh..ok!

penah skali,die nak tgok cite ape ntah..i juz suggest g d'curve coz i really suka g d'curve tuh.dun ask me why..tp nsib xbaek,cite yg die nak tgok tuh xde kt citu.so,dgn muka yg bengang trus die tarik i g kat kete and at last,we'll tgok wyg kat sunway jew..hm,xsempat pun nak jln ke ape.cuci mate!lagi la kn..nak bwat cne,lyn kn jela..

tp serius rindu nak mcm dulu,nak maen paintball, bowling, karaoke, photoshoot giler2, jalan2, lepak2, g bercuti..hm...btw,next mnth i nak g sarawak.i know,sarawak je pun..ok pe.dari xde kn! :)

motif..saje nak tunjuk pic men paintball dulu :)

my english are horrible

hell yeah..i know my english are horrible.btw,who care!this is my blog kowt.so,i cn say whatever i want..do i look like i care!if you think this blog is not interesting.plz,stay away..i dont need you at all

btw,i'm happy being me.. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


ouh yeah..finally status student is not mine anymore.alhamdulillah.. after an assignment + study + exam..fuhh!now i can take a deep breath..evethough at first i don't want to cont study coz i hate exam..alhamdulillah again and again.thanx to all my friends.. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

my little sayang

i miss him..

always thinking of his smile..so innocent

and of coz when he start to laugh..

everybody will laugh together

my cute little brother..

shahir sharif a.k.a CAER

you are growing damn fast..

yesterday i teach you how to hold the camera

today you already taking others picca..

and mybe tomorrow you will ask for your own camera.. :)

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.